When Atlanta rapper Killer Mike won a Grammy in 2002 how many of us would’ve predicted he’d eventually replace John T. Edge as the leader of Southern Foodways Alliance?

He’s more than qualified.

When Mike’s not hanging out at the Black-owned Blue Flame strip club in Atlanta he’s busy breathing life into Bankhead Seafood, an historic Black-owned restaurant that opened over 50 years ago on the city’s Westside. When Mike gets the old establishment back up and running he intends for it to be a locus of Black employment in his old neighborhood.

On the debut episode of his Netflix show Trigger Warning Mike set out to only eat, drink, and lodge himself via Black-owned businesses. It was a lot harder than it sounds.

He winds up sleeping on a park bench and nearly starving.

Mike has been a burner his entire adult life but when he resolved to only partake of cannabis that was Black-grown and Black-distributed he suddenly found himself on the wagon. He laments that white people have hijacked the formerly Black-run cannabis industry, continue reading to understand the history of cannabis in this country. Killer Mike and his rap duo Run The Jewels are experts in subverting the white patriarchy. What could be more subversive than dethroning Mississippi Brahmin John T. Edge, and replacing him with a young, erudite socially active gangster rapper?

Run The Jewels could shoot a video when it’s time for Edge to be given the heave ho from the SFA offices at Barnard Observatory on the campus of the University of Mississippi. The shoot would be a reprise of their legendary Nobody Speak music video.

As a restaurateur, and life-long Georgia resident Killer Mike is deeply immersed in southern foodways. I can not imagine a better candidate to breathe life into the hoary old outfit that John T. Edge has had an iron grip on since the dawn of the 21st century.

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