The Flagpole Coffee Shop in Treme at 2032 Esplanade

I’ve been driving past the petite flatiron building on Esplanade for years, and always wondered why no one had turned it over to the hands of commerce.

A few months ago a team of workmen descended on the tiny space and began transforming it into a neighborhood coffee house, and snoball stand.

The Flagpole Coffee Shop finally opened this week.

A hot cup will set you back $2.19 and it’s a well-considered brew. For a little south of five bucks you can get a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice that comes rushing from a Rube Goldberg apparatus where the barista drops oranges into the top of the contraption, and juice dispenses from the bottom.

It’s a cash-only enterprise with limited hours but is a much-needed addition to this little wedge of Treme.

2032 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana

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