The former Vaucresson Sausage Company

There is not one person in New Orleans who has the Creole sausage pedigree of Vance Vaucresson.

“Vance Vaucresson’s grandfather, Robert Levinsky Vaucresson, was a French Polish Jew who married a French woman of color and established himself as a businessman in New Orleans over a hundred years ago. He went into business for himself at St Bernard Market (now Circle Foods) as a butcher back when entire carcasses of animals were brought in the back door before being carved into steaks, chops and roasts, and sold out the front.”

With the cancellation of Jazz Fest I know a lot of y’all were having heart palpitations over missing out on Mr Vaucresson’s best-in-the-city Creole sausage po boy.

Well, quit popping them digitalis pills cause Mr Vance will be serving his famous sandwiches one day only, Saturday, May 2, 2020 11am-3pm at The Backyard, a restaurant located at 244 Harrison Avenue, New Orleans, 70124

Creole sausage making is nearly a lost art and Mr Vaucresson is an OG working in rarefied air. Let’s be clear: there is none finer.

This pop up is strictly pre-order and pre-pay

Here’s the menu:

  • crawfish sausage $40 for 5 pounds
  • Hot Sausage $30 for 5 pounds
  • Chicken Sausage $30 for 5 pounds
  • Crawfish sausage po boy $9
  • Hot sausage po boy $8
  • Chicken sausage po boy $8
  • Order by emailing

    If you’d like more historical information on the Vaucresson family’s importance in the Creole sausage traditions I penned this article.

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