The legendary Mr Junior of Little People’s Place in Treme

While the swells and fat cats were charging into one another for beads and trinkets on the St Charles parade route, a different kind of Carnival party was going down in the oldest black neighborhood in the US. The Treme hosted our big Scrumptious Chef Cajun gumbo pop up this past weekend and it was a wild scene.

Our party was a riot of tough New Orleans soul music, the finest Cajun gumbo ever served in this part of Louisiana, and some of the best dancers in the city working it out on Little People’s dance floor.

DJ Seprock is a legend and his playlist of Danny Barker, Johnny Adams, Art Neville, Prince La La et al took the party to the highest possible level.

When you’re making gumbo for upwards of 200 people here’s a rough formula for what you’ll needL

25lbs of Holy Trinity.

30lbs of pecan-smoked Boston butt.

10lbs city ham.

10lbs andouille sausage.

10lbs green onion sausage.

10lbs hot sausage.

10lbs smoked chicken.

Oh, and homemade pork stock, gallons and gallons of homemade pork stock.

We arrived at Little People’s Place at noon with coolers stocked with all the above items; four hours later we served our first portion. Five hours after that the big cookpot was essentially drained.

Folks went wild. We’ll do it again on Sunday February 14th 2021. Hope y’all can make it out.

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