Scrumptious Chef 10th Anniversary Cajun Gumbo Pop Up at Tamale House East

And it’s free. As a bit of lagniappe for our early arriving guests we’ll have smoked crawfish boudin on a fried chicken skin cracklin’ with a fat dollop of homemade remoulade.

Here’s the rest of the menu:

$14 Gumbo, smoked chicken and andouille from Best Stop in Lafayette Parish

$14 Fried catfish with white beans and rice

$15 Kentucky country ham charcuterie plate from Penn’s Country Hams. Est. 1957. One of this company’s hams just sold for a million dollars this past summer.

$10 Shrimp Fondeaux bisque with French bread crostini (Cajun queso)

$5 Bananas Foster w/vanilla ice cream

$5 tickets

Live music from Gypsy jazz band Scrapelli

Party starts at 6pm

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