9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Lord knows how many bluesmen have carried the appellation “Guitar Slim” but there can be only one originator. Eddie Jones aka Guitar Slim was born on this day back in 1926 in Greenwood, Mississippi. There would have never been a Jimi Hendrix had it not been for Slim. The young guitarist was experimenting with wild distortion when Hendrix was still in elementary school.

If you’ve ever seen Buddy Guy climb up into the rafters of the club or up on a fire escape whilst wildly soloing you can thank Guitar Slim. He showed Buddy the ropes when the young Louisiana cat was first getting his start.

On February 6th, 1959, Slim fell out after performing at a club in New Jersey. His band took him to a doctor in Harlem but he passed in the physician’s office. He’s buried in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Slim died young of pneumonia at 32 years of age.

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