Scrumptious Chef 10th Anniversary Cajun Gumbo Pop Up

Penn’s Country Hams was the grand champion at Kentucky’s big ham shootout this past August. After the winner was determined, an auction was held where some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the South tried to outbid each other to take home the winning ham.

Penn’s 16lb ham brought home a million bucks. That’s $15,000 a slice

In a kitchen cabinet at the Scrumptious house in New Orleans I have a Penn’s Country ham. Not the one that brought home the big prize up in Kentucky but something even rarer and more valuable.

A ham that’s been aged for five years.

We’ll be serving up this rare specimen along with big bowls of Cajun gumbo, fried Louisiana catfish with white beans, shrimp fondeaux, and a few other classics gleaned from John Folse’s landmark cookbook “The Encyclopedia of Cajun and Creole Cuisine”

Hope to see y’all out

Scrumptious Chef 10 year anniversary Cajun gumbo pop up
Sunday January 19th 2020
$5 tickets

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