Rio Rita in Austin was an unlikely source for scratch tamales but on certain Friday nights a tamale man would show up and sell you a dozen piping hot tamales for $5

There’s an especially hot circle of Hell for people who would kill a tamalera. Martha Casiano-Ventura, mother of five, was killed in Oakland in September of this year. A fundraiser for her family gathered over $22k. Police are still looking for her killer. Link

We can’t imagine venturing up to Racine, Wisconsin now that there’s a foot of snow on the ground in that ice-bound region of the US. But if we do we’re going to eat at Olga White’s “I Love Tamales” food truck. How does a food truck function during Wisconsin’s eight month long winter? Link

Ever wanted to take a peek inside Tamale House East in Austin and see how their Texas-sized tamales are made? KVUE TV ventured into the kitchen with a camera crew and interviewed the establishment’s matriarch Diana Valera. Link

How did an Afghani man migrate to Montana in the 19th century and become a tamale kingpin? Hot Tamale Jim Shawlee’s tale of life is woven here

Oh, and fuck quinoa tamales.

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