9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

We’re on a major Sugar Boy Crawford kick tonight in the Florida Development of New Orleans 9th Ward. Sugar Boy was born in Central City and went to Booker T Washington High School before breaking out in the local music scene in the early 50s.

He was still a school boy.

He wasn’t much older when he penned Jock-A-Mo, one of the great New Orleans party anthems and, according to Crawford, mistitled. ““It wasn’t my idea to call the song Jock-A-Mo — Leonard Chess did that.” “If you listen to the song, I’m singing ‘Chock-A-Mo’. Not ‘Jock-A-Mo’. When Leonard listened to the session in Chicago, he thought I said ‘Jock-A-Mo’. When I saw the record for the first time I said: ‘That’s not the title, it’s Chock-A-Mo.”

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