The Original Tamale House in Austin, Texas

We are tamale loyalists. Most folks eat them for a week or two during the Christmas holiday season then abstain for ten months before once again lurking around filling stations and pool halls where their favorite tias may be vending them.

Not us.

Once a week, year-round, we fire up one of our 19th century cast-iron pans and slowly cook a fat Tex-Mex tamale til the husk is nearly black with char. After shucking it we return it to the pan with a little bacon fat and saute it til it’s nice and crispy on the outside.

Standard garnishes include fried eggs, hot sauce, chile con queso, Tex-Mex chili, or borracho beans.

We’re all fat like hogs.

On to the tamale news:

We’ve eaten thousands of tamales and thousands of tacos over the years but have never had a ‘tamale taco’. But that’s what they’re serving at Pennie’s Tex Mex down in Galveston. The takeout joint opened up back in 1978 and had a 31 year run til shuttering in 2009. Now the family behind the concern have swung the doors back open to keep the neighborhood fed. Daniel Vaughn has the details

It’s hard to tell when you leave El Paso and enter Canutillo. El Paso Inc doesn’t seem to care either way as they dubbed Tamales Lupita Canutillo the best tamal maker in the region. We don’t get out to far west Texas too often these days but when we make it back to El Paso we know where we’re going to visit link

Wayne Bouligny was injured on the job and had to retire from his career as a cabinetmaker out in New Iberia. He didn’t sink into the Lazyboy for too long though. He’s back in the workforce making Creole tamales. The Daily Iberian has the details. There is a long history of tamale making in the great state of Louisiana.

Writing for Eater Chicago, Ashok Selvam breaks down tamale lady Carmen Nava’s 22 year odyssey of selling street food in the Windy City. The city of Chicago has been fucking with street vendors of all sorts for years and that topic is widely broached in this article.

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