9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

While the brick and mortar barbecue restaurants in New Orleans range from dismal to forgettable you can still score good smoked meat in this old town.

Look for roadside vendors like the lady pictured here. A fat double DD sausage po boy will run about $5 and if you’re feeling like a Rockefeller $10 will get you a spare rib plate.

  1. Judy Dixon says:

    Mr Reeves, Thank you for the UPDATES of what is Happening in My City-HOME. Currently living in OHIO, this “Out Front of Town” girl, LOVES NEW ORLEANS. There are no People, Cultural or Food in America like US. As long as WE retain our Cultural Heritage and Traditions of FAMILY and Support Of Each Other Through ALL The Madness, We WILL SURVIVE. IF NOT The Legacies of Africans brought by BOATS, SOLD, African Americans born in the city and/or relocated there with or without a choice WILL NOT SURVIVE.

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