Butcher’s Tears at Karperweg 45 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland

Rumors were flying in Amsterdam earlier this month that the property where Butcher’s Tears resides had been sold and the brewery was going to be forced off the block.

Time to head to the Schinkelbuurt neighborhood and do some investigating. During a friendly chat with the barman it comes to pass that the plans for the property have changed. The proposed redevelopment has been put on ice and the Butcher’s Tears crew can breathe a sigh of relief. But, as the barman said: It’s better to jump than to be shoved so the concern is seeking greener pastures for a new place to hang their hats.

Stay tuned.

Chad Yakobson got freaked out when an India Barleywine he brewed at Odell back in the day underwent such a radical transformation that it tasted like a completely different beer. Take a deep dive with Claire Bullen on hop compound biotransformation.

Pats Pints is one of our favorite contemporary beer blogs. I first stumbled upon them when I was planning a trip overseas and needed to vector in on the very best of the modern Belgian breweries. Recently Pat visited Denver and spent a long afternoon drinking his way across the city. link including a visit to one of our favorite Colorado breweries: Bierstadt Lagerhaus.

Louisiana now has 39 craft breweries and is ranked 48th in breweries per capita in the US. Strip away the per capita part and we rank 40th. We live in the best city in the US but we’re 10-15 years away from being a player in the US craft beer scene. It’s mystifying. It seems like 3-4 times a month a new bar is opening that’s focusing on wine but beer in our part of the state is not gaining traction. It starts with bars and trickles up. Until we get a strong and diverse craft beer bar scene you’re not going to see any forward momentum on breweries opening in New Orleans. Check out the recent breakdown from the Brewer’s Association link

Urban South is heading to Houston, Texas where they’ll find the beer environment substantially different in the US’s 4th largest city. Todd Price has the details.

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