2019 Festival International in Lafayette Louisiana

Years ago we used to drive or fly hundreds of miles to New Orleans every spring so we could attend Jazz Fest. Now that we live five minutes from the fair grounds and could easily get media passes we never even consider going. Instead we point west to the prairies of Acadiana where Festival International takes place, for free, in downtown Lafayette.

It reminds us of the Jazz Fest of the 80s.

Lafayette is the buckle of the boudin belt, has a thriving local music scene and reminds us a bit of Austin before the arrivistes took the air out of the tires at the dawn of the aughts.

Festival International De Louisiane is entering its 32nd year and is the largest international music festival in the USA.

This weekend we’ll get up early, boil up a pot of coffee, read the morning Advocate in the backyard then prepare for the two hour drive to Lafayette. After a quick visit to Best Stop for a pound of cracklins we’ll navigate into downtown and proceed to the nearest beer tent to start the soirée.

The good Cajuns that populate the party could not be nicer. There are dozens of food vendors, and all the bars and restaurants in the downtown kick their doors open, blast the AC and throw little micro-parties of their own.

Care to join us?

2019 Festival International de Louisiane
April 24th-28th 2019
Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana

also, Sunday evening, Ethiopian golden age master Girma Béyéné is performing at 5:15pm at Scène Laborde Earles Law Firm Fais Do Do-stage. This is a do not miss performance and the one act that we are vectoring in on with the most enthusiasm.

2019 Festival International in Lafayette Louisiana

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