The best soul food in New Orleans is not sold from brick and mortar restaurants. It’s on the second line routes from mobile vendors.

Write Jan Whitaker looks at the birth of the term “soul food” on her always compelling website Restaurant-ing Through History.

…But the diet gained a charged meaning in the 1960s when proponents of Black Power affirmed eating soul food as a political statement.

Our eating is not relevant to our politics as we are apolitical. Our late nights in coffee shops when we passionately argued about the political topics of the day came to a grinding halt as our college-era ended. Life is so much better when you eschew any sort of politics in your day to day meanderings. Give it a shot; you’ll be glad you did. link

In tiny Aberdeen between Columbus and Tupelo, Mississippi, R&C Payne Place is putting out a groaning board filled with Deep South all-stars like

chicken and dressing; pigs feet; hog maws; fried and baked chicken; chicken spaghetti; hamburger casserole; greens; peas; cakes; pies; banana pudding; and roast

Mississippi is one of the finest eating states in the union and we’ve bookmarked R&C Payne in case our travels carry us to Aberdeen. link

“We clean the shit out of chitlins!” is the rallying cry of Detroit-based Gourmet Food Center. Way back when when we were regularly eating in Tuscaloosa there was an old, old soul food joint that offered chitlins two ways: slung, and unslung. Let me tell you unslung was only for the absolute heartiest of soul food veterans. Writer John Carlisle goes deep on the Tucker family who are earning a good living doing the hardest of work: cleaning the shit out of chitlins. link

89 year old Martha Lou Gadsden is the owner and head chef at Martha Lou’s kitchen in Charleston, South Carolina. She does not cook using recipes and instead prepares her cuisine “by air.”

Southern Foodways Alliance sits down with Ms. Gadsden in this 2013 interview here.

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