Lou and Bob’s neighborhood bar in Metairie, Louisiana

I was at Hole In The Wall on the Drag in Austin, Texas.

Me and my crew had just gotten off work at Ray’s Steakhouse and we were determined to have a little fun before last call (to New Orleans readers: In primitive places across the U.S there are regulations that ensure drinking in bars comes to a grinding halt at 2am)

I walked up to the bar, bought a few Shiner Bocks and returned to our table. A resounding chorus of boos hit me when I put the beer on the table. Some of the cooks baldly refused to drink what they referred to as horse piss. To this day it’s the only time I proffered free beer and had it refused.

Bryan Roth, writing for Good Beer Hunting, looks at the slow decline of Gambrinus-owned Shiner in a recent article. It’s not hard to figure out why Shiner, a long-term mainstay in Texas grocery stores and bars has shrinking market share. If you’ve got $9 for a six pack of beer and you walk into your local HEB are you going to buy a boring old sixer of Shiner Bock? Not if you’re under 50.

Texas has one of the most dynamic craft beer scenes on earth with hundreds of breweries putting out world-class beers with killer packaging, party atmosphere taprooms, and salespeople out in droves pumping up their brands. Even superannuated brands like St Arnold are playing the game with ad hoc kiosks in grocery stores offering cheap six packs, glassware and free tastings.

Shiner is just a boring old legacy brand that your uncle Ted keeps in his garage fridge. I laughed out loud when I was in Texas a couple months ago and saw Wicked Juicy IPA from Shiner in a supermarket. You’d have to have your head examined to buy a Shiner IPA in a state with marques like Lone Pint, Real Ale and Hops and Grain.

Josh Noel tastes 16 craft beer classics. Including Shiner Bock. What was the first beer you ever tasted? Mine was Little Kings cream ale from Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co. I still have a soft spot for that beer. Read Noel’s piece here

Who the fuck wants to go to a bar and pour their own fucking beer? Do you go to a restaurant and walk back into the kitchen so you can cook your own fucking food? Houma has a new bar, and that’s their gimmick. You walk in, buy a card, and are then allowed to purchase 48oz of beer. Not a barkeep in sight. This is the devil’s work.

Juicy article on accusations of racism at Founder’s Brewing from Detroit Free Press link

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