New Orleans East Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen

It was never going to work.

Cyndi Nguyen and Kristin Palmer, New Orleans councilwomen both, had to know that their scheme to place an array of surveillance cameras inside “problem” bars in New Orleans wasn’t going to be accepted.

Former mayor Mitch Landrieu had tried, and failed to have live streams broadcast back to police headquarters from our city’s more rough and tumble establishments following the infamous 2016 Bourbon Street shootout.

If a bar had five complaints from neighbors within a half a mile it could have been closed under Landrieu’s plan.

Want to shut down a rival business who’s cutting into your concern’s Miller High Life revenue? Start lodging complaints. That new Joe Willy’s Pool Hall that’s drawing a few regulars from your uncle Ray Ray’s old pensioner’s bar? Send your goons in there to crack a few heads while the video monitors crackle back at police headquarters.

It’s not hard to see how malfeasance could come into play.

Cyndi Nguyen is the council representative for New Orleans East where murder, violence and drug dealing are everyday business for the brigands and ne’er-do-wells. Ms Nguyen would do well to get her district’s affairs in order before attempting a solution that reads like a rejected Philip K Dick manuscript.

Kristin Palmer’s perch is also precarious. She presides over hunks of Bywater and Algiers where stickup men roam unmolested while folks pray and dash into their homes and offices from their cars. We lived in Bywater for five years and our vehicles were burgled countless times and muggings were common.

Our neighbors had a pistol stuck in their face as they meandered home from Red’s Chinese one night.

Before you focus on Smiling Pete’s barkeep slinging pints of Great Raft why don’t you make your small community safe for regular citizens then go after the barflies and hangerouters?

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