Magnolia Supermarket in New Orleans 9th Ward has a fine assortment of meats for your soul food cooking needs

There’ll be a little hubbub out at the old Hurst Family Restaurant in Kenner, Louisiana for the next month or so. Then the regulars will have the place to themselves. Just like they have since 1946. link

Blondine Harvin bought Gigi’s soul food restaurant in 1960 for “$200 or $300.”

She was 21 years old. Over the next 50 some odd years Harvin worked hard at feeding the Buffalo community from her hotline filled with “… macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, smothered pork chops and peach cobbler.” Blondine Harvey passed away in mid-January at the age of 80. link

Over in San Antonio, food writer Mike Sutter knows how to temper a good-natured review with criticism that doesn’t come off like complaining. Sutter claims that Mrs Kitchen (is) “home to one of San Antonio’s best plates of enchiladas.” That’s a thing in the world of soul food. We’ve eaten at some of the best havens across the U.S since the 80s and there’s a spiritual connection between the world of Tex-Mex and soul food. We have no idea why. link

They make their ya-ka-mein a little different up in Virginia. “The sauce’s primary ingredient is hot ketchup, mixed to taste with soy sauce, cider vinegar and chile pepper. On top, you’ve got raw onions, most likely some boiled chicken, and maybe a hard-boiled egg.”

We’re trying to imagine that tasting good. Writers Matthew Korfhage and Denise Watson compose a nice elegy to the dying tradition of “yock” or ya-ka-mein in coastal Virginia. link

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