Happy Birthday Scrumptious Chef

It’s been nine long years since we established the Scrumptious Chef website. Over the ensuing span we’ve published 4,453 articles for an average of 494 articles per year.

It was all fueled by tacos and gumbo.

Since many of our current readers weren’t privy to our humble beginnings we thought it would be fun to link back to the first five articles we ever penned.

1) Let Them Eat Sucuk or Why Muslims Don’t Eat Pork

2) The Rules of Texas Red

3) How To Make Authentic Texas Red Chili

4) How To Breathe Life Into A Cured Country Ham

5) The Art And Science Of Fried Chicken

Reviewing these old articles gives us a real sense of pride. When we came out in 2009 there were a handful of bloggers in Austin, and that number quickly grew into the hundreds.

Sadly most of them have folded up camp, and gone on to other pursuits. And as many of you know there are no food blogs in New Orleans worth a damn.

Please come to our anniversary party on Sunday January 20th at 6pm in Austin. link

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