It’s Roast Beef Po Boy Day New Orleans

Tom Fitzmorris is a living legend and the preeminent man of food letters in New Orleans. He’s hosted a daily two hour food talk show on WWL radio since 1975, and has written eight books on the art of eating well in our city.

We were lounging around on his nomenu website earlier today when we noted that he has declared December 26th as Roast Beef Poor Boy Day. We forgive Mr Fitzmorris for his use of “poor boy” instead of the proper word for the sandwich: po boy.

New Orleans is chock-a-block with good options for roast beef po boys, and we suspect your favorite one is the lunch counter that’s nearest to your home. We’ve eaten dozens from Violet to Riverbend and our favorite is at the new-ish Freret Beer Room in Uptown.

Oh, and James Karst wrote the definitive tale of New Orleans most famous sandwich. It’s worth digging up: The messy history of the po-boy

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