9th Ward Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

It’s hard to believe O’Neil Broyard has been dead for 13 years.

In an old interview with Southern Foodways Alliance, Broyard mentioned that when he was a young buck coming up you could get six beers for .99c at a local 9th Ward dive.

Mr Broyard was born in 1937.

After his passing, change came swiftly to his old barroom. The deep piles of ephemera Broyard had collected and stored at his Saturn Bar were carted off, and the space was given a good scrub. Many longtime regulars gnashed their teeth.

We silently cheered when his heirs broke out the mop bucket and dust rags. Saturn Bar had enough dust built-up over the years and the patina suffered little from a judicious swabbing with Mop and Glo.

It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of the bar over the 30 some odd years we’ve been visiting. The pensioners who used to be the lifeblood of the establishment have largely died off, and have yet to be replaced with a fresh batch of retirees.

The crowd’s a mite younger, the joint’s marginally cleaner, the beers have gotten a little more expensive.

It’s still a classic old 9th Ward classic dive.

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