A Recipe For Texas Hot Guts Breakfast Tacos With Jalapenos

William Moon was the first man to make and serve hot guts sausage in the state of Texas.

The year was 1886, and the name of his business was Southside Market, in Elgin a small town a half hour east of Austin.

Moon ran his little barbecue shop for 18 years before selling out to to a Lee Wilson. The concern has changed hands a few times over the years but if you plan on traveling to Elgin to eat a plate of fiery hot guts keep right on planning. The current version being served at the old barbecue joint is in no way as hot or as good as what the old timers enjoyed.

They have dumbed it down to the point of unrecognizability.

A few months back we traveled from New Orleans out to Georgetown, Texas to visit with John Mueller, the iconoclastic pit boss and owner of Black Box Barbecue in Williamson County. Hot guts were on the menu, and they had plenty bull meat, and red pepper stuffed into the natural casings.

When we arrived back home in New Orleans 9th Ward we froze a few links for hard times and forgot about them til this morning when peckishness settled in on this cold late fall day.

A Recipe For Texas Hot Guts Breakfast Tacos With Jalapenos


2 eggs, farm eggs are best
1 T. cream, heavy
1 link Texas hot guts sausage, chopped
2 peppers, jalapeno, chopped
cheese, cheddar, for garnish
salt and pepper
Flour or corn tortillas


  • Heat pan with a teaspoon of good oil (we use bacon fat)
  • Add sausage and jalapeno
  • Cook for 5 minutes
  • Whip eggs in separate bowl with cream
  • Add to sausage/jalapeno mixture in hot pan
  • With a spatula flip egg mixture toward center of pan to form soft curds
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Spoon into warm tortillas- El Milagro is a good market brand
  • Garnish with cheddar cheese
  • Garnish with fresh salsa

    We’ve long maintained that New Orleans is the finest eating city in the U.S but you’d starve to death if you relied on our commercial eateries for good breakfast tacos. We serve the best in the city in our tiny test kitchen in the 9th Ward, and it’s really not even a close contest.

    These hot guts breakfast tacos are not that much better than the best breakfast tacos you’ve ever eaten.

    RL Reeves Jr

    Care to educate yourself on the history of Texas Hot Guts? link

    Black Box Barbecue in Georgetown, Texas

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