We did not see this one coming. We live one block from the old Cha Wa house and miss them rattling the rafters in the neighborhood when they jammed. The Florida area in the 9th Ward is a lesser community in their absence.

Who is Cha Wa’s competition this year?

Kreole Rock and Soul — Sean Ardoin. This is some hard charging Zydeco rock from a man with 30 years in the game.
Alohoa from Na Hoa — Na Hoa. Tuneful island music. I think you’d have to be raised up on it to get it. The singer stretches the notes like taffy.
No ‘Ane’i — Kalani Pe’a Hawaiian folk music.
Mewasinsational – Cree Round Dance Songs — Young Spirit. This is some crazy, wild shit with a bunch of young native Americans whooping it up and shrieking like banshees whilst they pound the hell out of some drums. Danceable. Something tells me they’d have great tee shirts.

We nominate Spyboy Shotgun Slim. For some odd reason he did not get included in the list of 2018 Grammy nominees. He’s probably just as happy with his 1st place Spyboy award he picked up at Handa Wanda’s back in 2011.

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