Our latest curing project is converting this Fudge Family Farm bone-in pork belly into bacon

Two weeks ago we drove 430 miles to visit Henry Fudge at his Fudge Family Farms up in Madison, Alabama.

We make the drive a couple times a year to purchase pork harvested from his drove of purebred Duroc hogs.

Since 1971 the old pig farmer has authored an intense breeding program that has resulted in his having the finest pork being produced in the U.S.

Don’t take our word for it. Visit any of the fine dining restaurants in the Deep South, and be prepared to pay upwards of 40 bucks for a fat, expertly prepared pork chop.

We put a 9.67lb bone-in pork belly in the cure two days ago and will have a fat slab of bacon ready in about two weeks. On to the news:

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