RL Reeves Jr reports on the U.S beer scene

Growing up in a dry county in the Cumberland Highlands of Kentucky meant making trips to Jellico, Tennessee if you wanted to buy beer. All you needed was a fake ID and enough gas money for the 50 mile roundtrip. Of course you could stay local and visit a bootlegger but they commanded high prices and you never knew if a cop was hiding up in the edge of the woods watching the goings on with a binocular.

People went to jail for possessing cold beer.

Little King’s cream ale was my beer of choice when I was a teenager. It came in little 7oz bottles with a grinning king on the label, and my squad routinely traveled down to Campbell County, Tennessee to buy a few cases of the stuff.

We partied in the woods back then. There were no taverns. No juke joints. No honky tonks. Just the woods, a bonfire and a bunch of wild punks out raising hell.

Little Kings just turned 60 years old more

Carol Stoudt is the mother of craft beer. And the queen of hops. And I’m certain she has a few other nicknames, hard-earned after 30 plus years at the helm of Stoudt Brewing up in Pennsylvania. I’m most fascinated by the two gallon pilot system she just installed at her brewery. Two gallon. more

We take craft beer baby steps in Louisiana. Remember a few years back when Dogfish entered our market? We were stunned. Elated. Gobsmacked even. And we still turn toward Dogfish owner Sam Calagione as a sort of beer oracle who can help us pierce the milieu of 7000 breweries across the U.S-each demanding our full-throated attention. more

Miel Brewery just opened over in the Irish Channel. We ran by on opening day as the barkeeps were getting housed by the big crowds. We did manage to get one beer off the exceedingly long queues; it was a low alcohol blonde ale and it really hit the spot. Good luck Miel.

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