The Red Devil restaurant in Budapest Hungary

We live in the best eating city in the U.S but New Orleans is a food desert if you’re trying to hunt down a proper bowl of chili.

When that cold North’r came blowing in last night sending temperatures down into the 60s we immediately began plotting a big kettle of chili.

It’s how we were raised.

While there’s a dearth of chili parlors in New Orleans it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bowl of the soup of the devil on the family table in a few short hours.

We’ve written dozens of chili recipes over the years, and lost count of how many cook-offs we competed in back in Texas.

Here are six of our favorite ones:

How to Make Authentic San Antonio Chili Recipe

How To Make Green Mexican Chili Recipe

How To Make Authentic Texas Red Chili Recipe

A Recipe For Shanghai Jimmy’s Texas Chili Rice Recipe

A Recipe For Red Bean Chili With Smoked Andouille Recipe

Volunteer Fire Department Chili Recipe

These recipes are meant to be paired with an ice cold Lone Star beer but Lone Star is forbidden in Louisiana. Miller High Life is an acceptable substitute.

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