When you roll through New Orleans keep a weather eye for old smokers like this one. They portend delicious soul food being served nearby.

Adrian Miller aka the Soul Food Scholar is appearing Thursday October 18th at Zeitgeist in Central City, New Orleans.

Mr Miller just won one of the biggest prizes in the food world when he received the Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame award from Southern Foodways Alliance. New Orleanians know Fertel (b.Ruth Ann Udstad) best from her role as founder of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. When I was a teenager it was a big treat to get to visit the ol’ no.1 on Broad Street.

Adrian Miller is speaking at a Dillard University sponsored event titled “The Story of New Orleans Creole Cooking Documentary Screening & Gumbo Jubilee” Hope to see y’all out there.

Mama Kong’s is a Cambodian soul food pop up that has a residency at Kitty Cohen in East Austin, Texas. We’re penciling this one in on our places to visit list for our next Central Texas sojourn. Check out this short KXAN video

I don’t know what “elevated soul food” is. Soul food is simple enough to figure out. It’s common-man food served up in big portions at a price that folks who aren’t made out of money can afford. I reckon when you “elevate” it you can expect a commensurate rise in pricing? The Preservery has just opened in the old Gorin’s Ice Cream building in Birmingham’s 5 Points South. There’s a gripping murder mystery that revolves around the Gorin’s Ice Cream business if you’re of a mind. I took a peek at some Preservery photos and I must admit their smoked turkey leg had me slobbering like a redbone hound. Read more about the new concern here

If there’s a buckle of the soul food belt it’s in or near Montgomery, Alabama. There are hundreds of meat and three joints in the region, and soul food has long had a revered place in the city’s dining halls. Now there’s a new one: Connie B’s Kitchen is inside a Sunoco gas station just south of the downtown. If you live in the South you know some of the best food in our section of the U.S comes from service stations. Miss Connie is not skimping on the soul food with a dreamy menu of fried whiting, salisbury steak, liver and onions, neckbones, turkey wings, yams, collard greens, and of course banana pudding. Details

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