Carnival in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Update: Here’s our field report from the party.

Nobody on earth throws a party like the Cajuns. They can out eat and out drink any culture on earth.And you haven’t lived til you’ve thrown down on some muddy festival grounds in rural Acadiana with a group of natives running wide open on tumblers filled with rum and Swamp Pop.

The Louisiana Gumbo Festival at Chackbay started 47 years ago as a Lafourche Parish food party put on by the fire department and Our Lady of Prompt Succor Catholic Church.

In 1973, Edwin Edwards, then-Louisiana governor named Bridge City the Gumbo Capital of the World.

Never at a loss to build patronage, Edwards then named Chackbay the Gumbo Capital of Louisiana.

We’re running low on Louisiana festivals that we’ve never attended so we’re going all in on this one and visiting on Saturday. We will be filing a report.

There will be 500 gallons of gumbo on offer as well as typical Louisiana festival foods like:

  • Jambalaya
  • Fried Catfish
  • Crawfish Kickers
  • White Beans
  • Sauce Piquante
  • Shrimp Creole
  • Catfish Lafourche
  • Crawfish Etouffee
  • Smoked Sausage
  • Alligator Sausage
    and sweet treats

    2018 Louisiana Gumbo Festival At Chackbay
    October 12th, 13th, and 14th
    326 Highway 304
    Chackbay, Louisiana


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