Eater New Orleans is the Hunan Wok of food websites

I didn’t appreciate Austin Texas’ Eater site until I was long gone from the city that would like to let you know that it’s really weird.

Of course Austin hasn’t really been weird since you could get a 900sf bungalow 5 minutes from downtown for $35k. Blaze Foley was still alive back then if that gives you an idea of the time frame.

Oh, and the best breakfast taco in town cost .65c (RIP Tamale House #3)

Yesterday I read the news that Eater New Orleans is hiring an editor to run their website in what is America’s greatest food city.

Here’s the problem.

Love them or hate them, each editor at Austin’s Eater site has put their distinct edge on the site. From Paula Forbes to Andrea Grimes to Nadia Chaudhury, you didn’t even have to look at the byline to know who was writing the piece.

New Orleans Eater? Faceless, bland, by the numbers reportage with nary a bit of “punch and juice” as Blackie Sherrod would put it.

Where’s the fire? Where’s the harangue? Where’s the screed?

Where’s the oped that makes you give a fuck about reading the site?

When the Halal Guys shuttered on Freret it was because the food being served was some of the worst in New Orleans but you’d never know it to read the Eater piece.

When ridiculous, overpriced Agave opened up in Mid-City they completely got a pass on charging obscene amounts of money for Mexican staples like rice and beans.

Hold their feet to the fire over that shit.

Can a budding H. L. Mencken or Rebecca West be preparing to rise up out of nowhere to take the helm at Eater New Orleans?

If Mitch Landrieu can survive two full terms at City Hall without getting frog marched to Angola then we reckon anything is possible .

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