This morning James Karst, po boy scholar, New Orleans jazz historian, and Times Picayune weekly columnist announced his departure from the thrice weekly local newspaper The Times Picayune.

We can’t pin this one on Jim Amoss, the most loathed man in New Orleans journalism history as he left his role as the Times Picayune’s editor on October 22, 2015.

That day should be a state holiday as Amoss did more to destroy the former daily than any person in its history.

Whither goest Karst?

The New Orleans Advocate, our city’s daily newspaper, has a long history of snapping up former Times Pic workers, and we’d be surprised if Karst does not land over there.

We do not own a television but apparently Mr Karst is something of an actor having appeared on NCIS: New Orleans.

Full time thespian?

This is all speculation, and you can read James Karst on Twitter here.if you’re interested in following his story.

And here is Karst’s finest work The messy history of the po-boy

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