RL Reeves Jr reports on the U.S beer scene

Parish Brewing of Broussard, Louisiana has received TABC approval to begin selling their beers in Texas.

They’ll find the playing field to be far more crowded in the Lone Star. Most beer drinkers in Louisiana have Parish as the best maker in the state-they’re wrong-that title belongs to Great Raft up in Shreveport. Ghost In The Machine, Parish’s IIPA, is regarded by many to be the best beer in Louisiana. In Texas, it wouldn’t crack the top 20. Good luck out there Parish.

Alcohol making and food storage were among the major technological innovations that eventually led to the development of civilizations in the world

Li Liu, PhD, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Stanford University.

Archaeologists have discovered a site in Israel that they claim was the world’s first brewery. The Natufians at Raqefet Cave were brewing beer 13,000 years ago.link

There are so many people that don’t know what hops are, so from an educational standpoint, to be able to bring tours and to bring them out here and see what the agriculture of hops looks like, what the plants look like…

Larry Bell is one of our heroes. He started small back in the 80s brewing a barrel a day til he could grow his company, and expand his business. Now Bell’s is the 8th largest brewery in the U.S and he’s getting bigger. He recently planted two acres of hops for his Sideyard Ale brew which he will be exclusively serving at his general store in Comstock. link

NOLA on tap is this weekend. There will be over 400 beers from professional makers as well as local homebrewers. It’s $5 to get in. We sat out last year but will be making an appearance this year. It’s at City Park Festival Grounds if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Denver Post takes a hard look at GABF

  1. Ghost in the Machine and Envy would easily make the top 10 in Texas in their respective categories. You are delusional if you think otherwise.

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