Danielle at Storm’s Drive In Lampasas, Texas

IraDell Storm’s bad habit was drinking a couple ice cold Coca Colas per day. Along with her husband Jim Buck she founded Storm’s Drive In (originally the Dairy Cue) on September 23rd 1950. The eatery would keep that old-timey name til 1974 when the marquee came down, and it became Storm’s.

Miss IraDell had a rich life especially when you count her upbringing as a young cotton picker being raised in a big family alongside Hard Bargain Mountain near Gatesville, Texas.

She was a farm kid back when families routinely had 10 or so children to help keep the wolf away from the door. Labor was cheap back when the 20th century was young.

RL Reeves Jr visits Storm’s Drive In in Lampasas, Texas

No retelling of the Storm’s Drive-In history would be complete without mentioning that Elvis Presley was a regular customer quietly requesting strawberry shakes when he was stationed at Fort Hood. One imagines the teenage girls that were carhops back then still regale their grandchildren with Elvis stories.

We only get to visit Storm’s once a year.

It’s over 500 miles from New Orleans to Lampasas.

Truth be told we would’ve probably visited one time only but for the fact they cut their own French fries. Honest potatoes will do that to a body, and Storm’s fry man chops upwards of 500lbs a day.

The 1/4lb patty is gussied up with mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickle and comes riding a warm, buttered bun.

House cut fries at Storm’s Drive In Lampasas, Texas

Most patrons sit in their pickup trucks at the old drive-in but we always camp out in the outside dining area. Lord knows how much money they spent on the build-out as the veranda is Texas hill country chic with tons of native stone and wood. Keep a watch eye out for the granite Llanite boulder features. There’s only one part of the world where they exist: the Llano region.

Our waitress Danielle is a tattooed Texas peach; happy to be at work, and running orders lickety-split to the dozens of patrons that show up during our brief stop.

Storm’s Drive In 201 N Key Ave, Lampasas, TX 76550

We’re on our way to the big World Championship Barbecue Goat Cook Off in nearby Brady so we reluctantly say our farewells to our young carhop.

“Tag us on Instagram” she smiles.

Change comes slow but it does come to small town Texas.

Post notes: Robbie IraDell Upton passed away January 1st 2009. Her heirs still run Storm’s Drive-In

Telephone Storm’s Drive In at (512) 556-6269

Storm’s Drive In
201 N Key Ave
Lampasas, Texas


Hours of operation
always call ahead

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