RL Reeves Jr covers the culture and politics of meat consumption in USA

On February 11th, 2019 the Meat Industry Hall of Fame will meet in Atlanta Georgia to fete the legends of the meat game. Expect titans of the meat, poultry and livestock industry to be in attendance as the crowd queues up for a vegan feast.

Not likely.

Instead we expect groaning boards filled with every manner of charcuterie as well as meats smoked, meats grilled, meats boiled, meats roasted, meats fried, and possibly a nice selection of raw meats.

Our kind of party.

Meat visionaries will speak on the importance of meat to a balanced diet as the industry maps out how to continue enjoying sustained growth in the face of both veganism and laboratory-grown “meat” products.

We eat a lot of meat at the Scrumptious house. We smoke it on our antique Weber in the backyard, we cure it for weeks on end for our charcuterie projects, we pan fry it to honor our grandmothers’ culinary traditions, we grind it and stuff it into hog gut casings for our sausage needs-meat is endlessly fascinating, and delicious.

We can’t imagine life without it.

Here is the Meat Industry Hall of Fame Class of 2018:

— Rod Bowling, ag marketing specialist, USDA-AMS; owner, AgriFood Solutions International

— Neil Genshaft, CEO, Fresh Mark

— Ronald Miniat, chairman of the board, Miniat Holdings

— Elsa Murano, director, Borlaug Institute; past president, Texas A&M University

— James Riemann, Assistant Secretary, Kansas Dept. of Agriculture (retired); past president, Certified Angus Beef LLC

— Mike Satzow, executive vice president, North Country Smokehouse

— Jimmy Wise, Meat Judging Program Coordinator, American Meat Science Association (retired); ag marketing specialist, USDA-AMS

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