RL Reeves Jr’s gateway beer.

Houston is booming but it still has a ways to go before it can catch up to Austin. 53 craft breweries call Space City home while Austin, the state capitol, can lay claim to 74 outfits brewing pure liquid gold. Cynthia Lescalleet breaks down the numbers in this piece for Forbes.

Heading to Houston? Make sure to visit Brash, and have a cold glass of Pussy Wagon, one of the Lone Star’s great IPAs.

The juicy, internecine rivalries that develop inter-brewery are a sight to behold. They’re made even more so when they involve much-loved brands like Toppling Goliath where one brewer, Robert Slack, was paid $22k per annum to make some of the best beer on the planet. Good Beer Hunting breaks it all down through the spectrum of non-compete clauses. link

We’re planning a trip to Central Texas for the big Brady Goat Cook Off, and we’ll use Austin as our staging grounds. Our old stomping grounds is one of the best cities in the US to drink craft beer, eat tacos, and spend late nights in stranger’s backyards drinking off of cold kegs of Live Oak, the best brewery in the city. Jamie Bogner breaks down the city in a surprisingly thorough synopsis of the beer scene. link

Pat’s Pints spent 48 hours in Vermont recently visiting Foam Brewers, Vermont Pub and Brewery, Bluebird Barbecue, Hill Farmstead, Three Penny Taproom, Hunger Mountain Co-op, and The Alchemist. We have no idea who the man behind the blog is but he can definitely write. link

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