New layoffs at New Orleans Times Picayune

Jim Amoss is long gone but the layoffs keep coming at the venerable Times Picayune newspaper in New Orleans. The three day a week news journal seems to still be on hard times in spite of Mr Amoss overseeing a complete gutting of the newsroom back in 2012.

How did those newsroom journalists find out that their jobs were careering to a halt? By reading an article by David Carr in the New York Times.

When we visit the old timers at the liar’s corner of Musicians Village here in the Upper 9th Ward there is still a palpable sense of rage over their not being able to read a daily version of the Times Pic.

Are we the only ones that wish Jim Amoss was hustling out a busy service over a bank of fryolators at Fu Manchu on Claiborne Avenue? And then shuffling home at 3am to a 7th Ward efficiency apartment with a bedsheet for a front door.

Since we began walking down this path in the 80s we’ve been witness to some startling events in journalism but we still have a hard time comprehending that there is a Jim Amoss award celebrating “timeless journalism that earned the trust of the community and the respect of colleagues.”

When Ted Jackson won the first edition of this “award” we wish he would’ve taken a 4×5 Speed Graphic large-format press camera and crowned Amoss with it.

There’s not a judge or jury in New Orleans that would’ve convicted him.

While there will certainly be more layoffs at the Times Pic in the coming days we have a current roster of now-ex employees that includes

  • Todd Masson, 2017 Best of Louisiana Outdoors award winning outdoors writer
  • Ron Higgins, 2017 Louisiana Sports Writers Association award winning basketball writer
  • G.Andrew Boyd, Pulitzer finalist for “Louisiana in Peril”
  • Larry Holder, Roesler Media Award winner
  • Will Guillory, Pelicans beat writer

    Advance Publications, owner of New Orleans Times Picayune, reported $2.4 billion in revenue in 2016.

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