Sticky sweet pork ribs cooked til the meat falls right off the bone at Bullard’s in New Orleans 9th Ward

“We’ve all got those ‘passionate moments’ in our family’s lives, when maybe a teenager wants to tell his family he’s gay, or someone needs to tell the family they have cancer,”

Ryal Thomas will be serving hog maws, cheeseburgers, and community building at his new restaurant Squiggly Giggly in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville is famous for fried chicken. There are dozens of gas stations, quick marts, taverns and cafes serving it through the region. Let me pass the stick to my man Michael Stern Stern founded Roadfood and is a trencherman of the highest order.

Now let’s head a little further south to the Carolinas.

There’s an empty chair in the center of the action at Bertha’s Kitchen, the Charleston soul food institution that’s been serving hot plates of collard greens, fried chicken, and lima beans since it opened in 1981.

Look at the photo above the lede and tell me these ladies can’t cook. Inside the Lunch Rush at Bertha’s Kitchen, a Soul Food Institution If you go please know that they serve an $8 meat and three.

The thought of Daniel Patterson trying his hand at soul food nauseates me. No article link.

My Temple of Steam-Table Soul Food Worshipping at the altar of sweet tea and collards in southwest Atlanta. Rembert Browne looks back at his Atlanta childhood and eating at a restaurant called The Beautiful.

  1. Many thanks for Squiggly Giggly in Charlottesville VA for a fabulous catering at UVA Medical Center meeting 10/10/2018. All the food was delicious and not a crumb left.
    I loved the fried fish and I plan to place my order for five pounds of fried fish as I love golden fried fish.

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