The Rules Of King Ranch Casserole

We get the New Orleans Advocate delivered to our house seven days a week and have for years. A proper morning at home consists of the morning paper, a pot of coffee and an old cast-iron pan filled with homemade bacon.

It’s a trait we picked up from Appalachian legend: Big Jim Sullivan.

Wednesdays are one of the Advocate’s best days. Ian McNulty holds court in the food section and we’re always eager to see him winding down the path to an early death via his trencherman consumption of our city’s finest foods.

He’ll die young but happy.

The other food scribes are another matter entirely.

This morning we were ready to fetch a rope when we read Teresa B Day’s recipe for King Ranch Chicken Casserole. Scanning down the list of ingredients we were floored when we saw the inclusion of elbow macaroni! Macaroni in King Ranch? That will get you hung from the tallest tree they can find out in Sonora, Texas.

I can’t imagine picking up the Devil’s River News and seeing that nonsense.

There are plenty ways to make King Ranch Casserole but not one includes fucking elbow macaroni.

The Rules Of King Ranch Casserole

Once you’ve read the rules you’ll be ready to tackle the classic

One of about a thousand King Ranch Casseroles we’ve produced out of the Scrumptious kitchen

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