The sublime cornbread at Atchafalaya

In the summer of 2015 a group of New Orleans gangbangers staged a series of stick-ups at Central City dive bar Purple Rain, Uptown restaurants Patois and Atchafalaya, as well as Monkey Hill Bar on Magazine Street.

Purple Rain was the one that really hit home as we’ve spent many an afternoon drinking in there before, and after the second lines that roll nearby.

Atchafalaya being taken down stirred a particularly powerful reminiscence of a pone of cornbread we once had there; we still talk about it some half decade later.

2015 saw over 900 armed robberies take place in New Orleans.

The FBI and US marshals were surveilling Wesley Davis in the fall of that year when he led them on a high speed pursuit that ended in the Hollygrove neighborhood. Davis took refuge in an acquaintance’s home and law enforcement had to send a robot in to roust him out.

Mr Davis has since been held on a bond of $5.2 million.

Earlier today Wesley Davis stood before Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson to learn his fate. All told Davis accrued 39 years in the penitentiary. Even at the tender age of 19 Mr Davis had been busy robbing and killing people. A portion of his punishment was for the murder of Gentilly resident Harold Martin, another for a non-restaurant stickup, yet another parcel of years at labor was doled out for a home invasion and attempted murder.

If he does all of his time, Wesley Davis will be 61 years of age when he musters out of the pen. It will be the year 2057. If you graduated Tulane this spring you will be at retirement age.

And Davis, 22 now, will be a broken down old ex-con.

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