Davila’s Barbecue in Seguin Texas

We’re running low on bacon. Anytime that starts to happen the crew gets anxious. The last time we ran low was back in the winter so we did what any cooking team would do: we drove the 894 mile round trip up to Madison, Alabama to pick up a pork belly from old-timey hog man Henry Fudge.

Pabst Blue Ribbon goes into the cheese melted all over the Blue Ribbon Burger, a fixture at Cured that starts with a beef-and-bacon grind and finishes with sweet onion jam, served with some of the city’s best fries, salty and golden brown and served in a little iron pan.

That’s Mike Sutter, one of the top food writers in Texas speaking on Cured in San Antonio. more

We are always looking for new kitchen experiments and after reading this article on koji in Popular Science we’re foaming at the mouth. Koji is a fungus commonly used in the production of soy sauce but cutting edge charcutieres are using it to dry age steaks. A liberal application of Koji can create a 75 day aging effect in 48 hours.

Wisconsin is meat country. The Badger State has produced top kit cured meat for decades, and the old-school butchers up that way stand among the finest on the planet. Last month the best meat men in the state gathered together for a shootout to determine who was making the finest charcuterie in America’s Dairyland. more

We’ve eaten hundreds of pounds of meat cured in eastern Tennessee over the years. The pig farmers up that way have been producing world-class ham, and bacon since before the Civil War. We’re planning a trip to the Smokies, and during our research ramp up we discovered an excellent guide to the best breakfasts in town.

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