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A third of the way through an excellent article on Belgian beer, and brewers use of rogue brettanomyces yeast strains the Good Beer Hunting website casually admits that “New Belgium Brewing Company is the underwriter of this series” Does that matter?

Does that make the piece an advertorial? After all, New Belgium receives near-fawning coverage in the article. Somebody’s got to keep the lights turned on at any website whether it’s a Hello Kitty blog or a craft beer site. Think it over. And here’s the article

Owner of big beer brands. Seller of cannabis. Constellation Brands is always looking for ways to maximize investments. When they spent a billion dollars on Ballast Point everybody thought the Constellation company had gone crazy. They had not. Now the big consortium is going into the cannabis business with a $191 million investment in Canopy Growth Corporation. Look for cannabis infused machines, non-alcoholic beverages from this partnership by the end of the year. more

Austin has 62 breweries. New Orleans has 10. Nashville has 22. We roll through Tennessee at least twice a year on pork belly runs so this will be a good resource if we ever get the hankering for a cold Nashville brew.

If the math is correct, Guys Drinking Beer paid two bucks for a six pack of Costco-brand Kirkland Light Lager. We can barely remember the 80s but that may have been what we were paying for six packs of Little Kings Cream ale 30 years ago. Review

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