Miss Janice at her family’s Robear’s Snowballs in Harahan, Louisiana

Earlier this week we had a nice, short visit with Miss Janice, daughter of Robears Snowballs founder Shirley Robert.

Janice works 17 hours a day during sno-ball season and laughs when we ask if mom still pulls a shift here and there. “Lord no honey she’s earned her rest”

“We’re famous for our chocolate” she offers a plastic spoon filled with the stuff and laughs at our reaction. It tastes like chocolate truffles, and reminds us of June Vangorder’s famous chocolate embolism dessert.

Robear’s Snowballs in Harahan Louisiana

It’s so rich it has a booze characteristic and when we mention that she laughs. “You’re the first person that ever said that”

A truly great snoball is better than the sum of its parts. The syrup at Robears is more of an elixir than is typical, and the ice is top kit as well. When the snow begins to melt the pellets maintain a softness that’s quite alluring. The ice here never descends into pebble territory.

Robears Snowballs was founded in 1965 by 40 year old Shirley Robert. The entrepreneur started the company after having six kids. At 93 years of age she’s certainly earned a respite from the sno-ball industry grind.

And grind it is. We don’t know many workers who clock 100+ hours in a work week like Miss Janice.

6869 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70123

Robears Snowballs
6869 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans
Louisiana 70123

telephone (504) 737-5013

Hours of operation
always call ahead

Menu for Robears Snowballs in Harahan Louisiana

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