Old Style Lager by Heileman’s

Clarise Kramer Cadarette Grzenkowicz is the Guinness-certified world’s longest serving barkeep. She’s been pouring drinks at the Maplewood Tavern near Alpena, Michigan for 78 years. I know a man in Austin, Texas that’s been pouring at the same establishment since 1971 but that’s a far cry from Ms. Grzenkowicz’s record. Miss Clarice is 99 years old. more I don’t know her but I love her.

Funkwerks Brewing, one of the US’s most lauded beer makers, is serving ice-cold buckets of craft beer at their taproom. Could this become a trend? Back in the 80s, we were drinking Miller Lite buckets at Little Bombers, a greasy biker bar in 5 Points South in Birmingham. How desperate was the crowd at Bombers? A guy got killed during a dust-up between the Devil’s Disciples and the regulars. more

They’re running out of food-grade CO2 in Europe. Ammonia plants have shut down for routine maintenance, and since they are the companies that provide the gas to beermakers some of the major distributors are limiting customers to 10 cases of beer apiece. more

There are now 12 official Trappist breweries on our planet. Mount Saint Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire England has joined the cohort of monks making beer. We’ve tried every single Trappist brewery’s output and are champing at the bit to get at a pint of the UK monk’s Tynt Meadow. more

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