How long will it be before Friedman Fleischer & Lowe puts its Louisiana property Abita Brewing on the auction block? The Brewer’s Association just released production outputs from US breweries for 2017 and Abita plunged 10 percent.

FFL’s Enjoy Beer Limited Liability Corporation is simply an investment vehicle. If the investment (Abita) is not returning money to its stakeholders then feet shall be held to the fire.

Friedman Fleischer & Lowe doesn’t give a fig about beer. They care about money, and earning dividends for their stakeholders. If that money is not being returned on their investment then you can be assured that they will cash out and move on to another business that will return their invested monies and then some.

FFL holds about $4.5 billion under management so their Abita property is a (relative) drop in the bucket-but if Abita Brewing’s production output continues to plunge you can bet they’ll offload their property and move along to a more lucrative investment.

When Abita’s initial beers debuted on July 4, 1986, the company was just the 13th craft brewery to open in the United States. Now there are over 6000. Louisiana now has over 30 breweries scattered across the state and they’re all vying for the same dollar.

If you’re walking over to Terranova Brothers Superette with a twenty dollar bill in your pocket what six pack are you going to pick up? Parish Brewing’s Envie; Gnarly Barley Catahoula Common; Bell’s Two Hearted? What is Abita putting on the market that other breweries are not doing better?

Nothing new under the St Tammany sun, and the beating heart of Abita is not far from flatlining.

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