Mildred “Mama Dip” Council has passed away at the age of 89. The legendary North Carolina soul food cook, and restaurant owner sat down with Professor Florence Soltys in 2003 for this 30 minute interview. RIP Mama.

There is a new vegan “soul food” restaurant in New Orleans. We’re certain the vegans have plenty fine food but we’d happily kick the pins out from underneath somebody that tried to feed us vegan gumbo or jambalaya.

Take that mess out of here. It’s not gumbo if it doesn’t have plenty D&D sausage, shrimp, smoked chicken, crab, oysters or some combination of land or sea-based proteins. Call it whatever you want but it sure as Hell is not soul food. Jambalaya without meat in it? Try pulling that shit in Gonzales Louisiana.

We’re not going back to Rochester, New York. One visit was plenty. But if we do venture to that frozen tundra we’ll eat at Bobo’s Chicken Shack. Owner Devon “Bobo” Crittenden, an x-con who’s mama was murdered when he was a kid, fought through a jail term, getting shot, and a lifetime of more plain jane adversity than most folks will ever face, runs Bobo’s in the town’s Upper Falls neighborhood. more

Chris Scott of Butterfunk Kitchen should’ve won this past season of Top Chef. Food and Wine Magazine sits down with the soul food cook to find out why Amish cuisine should be allowed into the canon. more

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