Orval Trappist Ale at De Druif in Amsterdam, Noord Holland

Gnarly Barley is the 43rd fastest growing maker of craft beer in the US. The Hammond brewery just edged out Ellison Brewery and Spirits of E. Lansing Michigan. No other Louisiana craft brewery cracked the top 50.

We have Gnarly Barley in the number two spot of our Louisiana craft beer power rankings. Their Jucifer IPA is in such hot demand that Central Pizza of Lafayette sees fit to charge $9.81 per pint. They should pull stumps and head to mid-town Manhattan where such usury is commonplace.

Gnarly Barley was the only Louisiana brewery to make the list. more

Dying Fetus, Pig Destroyer, Revocation, All Hell, Brain Tentacles and Canyon of the Skull played 3 Floyds Brewing’s big Dark Lord Day Party last weekend. Attendees ponied up $180 for five 22oz bottles of the high alcohol stout that helped put the Indiana beer maker on the map. That’s $26 per pint. more

“The National Collection of Yeast Cultures in England has compiled more than 4,000 strains of yeast over the past 70 years.” We love people who devote their lives to such arcane pursuits. Hell, we’ve spent the past 15 years combing middle Appalachia for the best chili buns on earth. The Wall Street Journal’s Mike Cherney looks at ancient yeast used in modern beer production. more

Pat Woodward is an American writer living in England. He’s penning a series of reports on the Trappist Ale trail through Belgium, and they are must reads for anyone who’s interested in the art of monastic beer making. more

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