Amsterdam Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Dutch Admiral Piet Hein liked to drink. It speaks to how old Cafe de Druif is that Hein, who was killed in battle in 1629, spent many a night in the old proeflokaal. The building that houses ‘The Grape’ was built in 1566 but the establishment did not get their liquor license til 1631. One imagines that the rules on drinkeries were a mite lax in the 17th century.

I’ve been hanging out in De Druif since the late 90s when I first began venturing to Noord Holland. The former distillery is one of the finest bars in all of Amsterdam. You won’t have to worry about hearing Cardi B at the old bar as they do not play music, and Dutch is the language of choice among the patrons.

Most of the drinkers are sipping on Genever or liqueur depending on how drunk they’re trying to get. I stick with Westmalle or Amstel. A big bonus is that you’re a one minute stroll from Eenvistweevis, the best fish restaurant in Amsterdam

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