De Bierkoning is the finest bottle shop in Amsterdam

We’re heading to Sint-Sixtusabdij Westvleteren, Belgium to take in a few pints of beer from the highest-ranked Trappist brewery on earth. If you’re curious about taking a similar journey please visit Christopher Barnes’ website for all the nitty gritty details about traveling in West Flanders. We’re looking forward to hoisting a few cold beers with the hard-working monks making what many say is the finest beer on earth.

We’ve been fortunate to do a lot of beer drinking in Kentucky. When we were kids Little Kings Cream Ale was our poison of choice but nowadays we’re more likely to visit West 6th Brewing or Country Boy in Lexington. With UK hoops on a down year and Rick Pitino looking at a potential prison sentence the Courier-Journal out of Louisville is hosting a March Madness for Kentucky-based craft brewers.

Ludacris loves fried chicken. Ludacris loves craft beer. Ludacris has plenty money. Now Ludacris owns a restaurant dedicated to serving fried chicken and Georgia-centric craft beer. Chicken+Beer is now open in the Atlanta airport.

When we travel through Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana we’re always on the lookout for Three Floyds beer. Unfortunately, the counter clerks at the stores we visit always have a good laugh at our expense due to the precious nature of the company’s product. That may be about to change as the brewery will soon triple in size.

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