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We’ve been eating nothing but soul food for the past month. Collards, grits, fried chicken, black eye peas, cornbread, liver mush, and neckbones have been on our menu every single day as New Orleans has seen temperatures in the 20s and days on end without a hint of sunshine.

We’re moving to Puerto Rico.

The Virginia Pilot visits Boogie’s Soul Food where writer Shannon Godfrey-Johnson tears down a plate of smothered pork chops with candied yams and macaroni and cheese. That all sounds good but for the love of god do not ever put raisins in our bread pudding.

Soul food is a scarcity in Austin, Texas where the town is experiencing a decline in the African-American population. We watched Soul Kitchen, Henry’s, and Queen Lola’s all shutter in a town that’s exploding with growth across the racial boards. Except for African American.

Malcolm King is trying to change that. He’s moved his King’s BBQ and Soul Food truck to U.T’s west campus area to see if he can mine a market that includes 50k students and 20k staff. The writer claims that King is making the cheese from scratch for his macaroni dish but we’re not buying it. But we’d go all in on some Mississippi ribs as a change up from the Texas style.

“It’s our soul pots. We have well-seasoned pots, well-seasoned food,” says Shanel Snowton of Two Sistas On The West Bank here in New Orleans. The new-ish restaurant is an offshoot of Two Sistas in Da East a nearly 10 year old restaurant in New Orleans vast 9th Ward (the original Two Sistas opened in downtown New Orleans in the 70s.

Chef Lavonna Mitchell, the owner of Geechie Grub in Charleston, South Carolina is a culinary school student who’s running her own restaurant. That’s a rarity. You’re not going to go broke in the Deep South selling turkey wings, smothered pork chops, BBQ ribs and chicken, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a student or an old master.

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