9 Times Social Aid and Pleasure Club: Our favorite second line of this season

Scrumptious Chef is a food-based website but our reportage on the New Orleans second line scene led this to be the single most popular article we penned this year. Maybe we missed our calling.

Our favorite dish of January 2017: Escargot at The Tasting Room on Magazine Street

2017 saw our crew journey across Louisiana, deep into Acadiana and back to our beloved 9th Ward of New Orleans. We ventured as far north as Mamou and as far south as Bayou Lafourche. What a year.

We also made it as far west as Texas.

We posted 512 times this year, and now have 3,943 articles in our archive. This body of work took eight years to compile. Here’s our omnibus for 2017:

We managed to put up 57 posts in January of this year.

Our most popular article published in January 2017 was an installment in our sprawling 500 Po Boys series where we visited Ray’s On The Avenue to try their Treme Brass po boy.

We suffered many deaths in January but none hit as hard as when we lost William Onyeabor. The next time you’re trying to move the party at aunt Glenda’s up a level put on some Onyeabor.

Our favorite dish of February 2017: Banh Mi from Village de l’est in New Orleans

We posted 41 times in February. The one piece that drew the most traffic was an accounting of our visit to Charlie’s Restaurant down in Violet, Louisiana. Charlie’s has one of the best roast beef po boys in the region.

Our favorite dish of March 2017: Bean and cheese tacos from Sister’s Discount Food and Market 1805 Airline Dr. Kenner

In March we managed to get up 46 articles, and not one enjoyed as many page views as Zephyr Wright’s chile con queso recipe . Ms Wright was LBJ’s cook in the White House, and is one of the greatest cooks Texas ever produced. Thanks Houston Chronicle, for linking to our efforts.

Our favorite dish of April 2017: Gambas and hamsi from Vis Van Wou in Amsterdam Netherlands

In April we took a little vacation to the Netherlands and only published 24 posts. We earned it, and there is no other place on earth we’d rather traipse around eating smoked rib plates and drinking cold beer. Nothing draws traffic (except for second lines) like our 500 Po Boys series. We hit Bobby’s Seafood up in River Ridge for one of the best fried shrimp sandwiches in greater New Orleans.

Our favorite dish of May 2017: Fried crawfish po boy from Bon Creole Lunch House in New Iberia, Louisiana

We sat down in front of the typewriter 43 times in May. Funny, when we first started writing for money back in the 80s that’s exactly what we used to do: type, on an old Smith Corona. Even funnier, we made more money doing it then too. We try to avoid politics at all times but when New Orleans’ Mayor Landrieu went on Meet The Press we had to publish an article on his shucking and jiving on the national stage. And it was our most viewed piece of the month.

Our favorite dish of June 2017: Hog neck tasso ham from the curing chamber of RL Reeves Jr

We posted 48 times in June and were stunned when an article on a 66 year old chili parlor in rural Kentucky garnered the most views. We don’t do Facebook but somebody over that way cross-linked the piece and it exploded. Somerset Kentucky Amon’s Sugar Shack Chili Bun Recipe

Our favorite dish of July 2017: Sirloin steak from Columbine Steak House in Denver Colorado

Summer officially hits for our team in July and with all the attendant good times we only managed to pen 40 posts. Our obituary for the great one: D.L Menard was easily the biggest traffic-driver for the month.

Our favorite dish of August 2017: Fried softshell crab po boy from Ajun Cajun

We picked up steam in August while we hibernated under the AC, and managed to put up 58 posts. This site began its life as a recipe site for senior scribe R.L Reeves Jr of course it has since developed into far more than a simple repository of food formulae. But, Reeves piece on greasy beans with hog jowl bacon was easily the most viewed article in August.

Our favorite dish of September 2017: Crawfish Etouffe from the kitchen of RL Reeves Jr

49 posts in September, and our review of Top Notch Hamburgers est. 1971 was the most trafficked.

Our favorite dish of October 2017: Salvadoran guacamole from El Zunzal in Austin, Texas

A scant 40 posts in October, and our apologies for being so slothful.

We feel a kinship with Lafourche Parish. Every time we head down that way the folks treat us like cousins they have not seen in a spell. Our 500 Po Boys article on the parish’s Festival Of Old Times saw nearly 15k page views.

Our favorite dish of November 2017: The trinity of sausages from Terranova Brothers Superette in New Orleans

We ventured back to Austin in November and only managed to put up 33 posts during the entire month. Of course we produced the biggest Cajun foods pop up the city had ever seen so we have a decent excuse. It’s not surprising that with all the Austin media attention on our site that our article on RL Reeves Jr’s top gumbo recipes won the gold star for most hits.

Our favorite dish of December 2017: Bananas foster sno ball from Hansen’s in New Orleans

December is not quite over but our 500 po boys piece on St Cecilia in the French Quarter is trending toward being our number one article for the month. If you like slow-cooked roast beef po boys then this new-ish restaurant deserves a look. Above average tap beer selection too.

We should finish December with about 33 posts for the month. Travel and demands of friends and family always cut into our year-end production.

As a public service to our readers if you find Schexnayder Acadian Foods vending po boys at an event in Louisiana keep a firm grip on your wallet while you make the transaction. more The cashier they hired for the alligator festival in Luling was shady as fuck.

Our song of the year? Well, it came out in 1994 and here’s the video:

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