500 Po Boys Visits Killer Po Boys On Dauphine Street In New Orleans

Killer po boys will not sell you an oyster po boy. “We don’t even have a fryer, and besides we don’t do traditional po boys” flatly states the cashier. We had envisioned a wildly imaginative take on oysters from chef Cam Boudreaux but were left at loose ends, and had to quickly develop a backup plan.

Since we’ve never seen a cheddar omelette po boy on any menu in New Orleans that decision is easy. As easy as adding smoked Chisesi ham to double down on what promises to be a good late breakfast on a sun-dappled autumn day in the French Quarter.

“I bet I know where you got them shoes!” A pair of youth are working the oldest hustle in town right outside the restaurant door but shut up quick when I flash my 9th Ward set.

Killer Po Boys 219 Dauphine Street New Orleans

“Sheeyit, sorry homey” one of them offers with a fist bump.

I step back inside the ‘Big Killer’ as locals call Killer Po Boys number two. The first edition of Boudreaux’s outfit lives inside the fabled Erin Rose bar just two blocks away.

A cheddar omelette po boy at the Big Killer means a whipped yard egg cooked on a blistering hot flattop just long enough for the cheddar to melt. A pair of newspaper thin slices of ham serve as garnish. The Dong Phuong loaf has been smeared with an herb-y mayo. A penny’s worth of roasted chiles rounds off the concoction.


A group of vegans, no doubt led inside by the sidewalk sandwich board beckoning them, is hovering over sweet potato po boys in the corner. They’re excited to be able to find plant-based food in the French Quarter. It’s a good thing they’re eating as they appear ready to fall over dead. Such is life.

Led Zeppelin is on the hi fi. The old rock band played New Orleans in 1973, and (famously) visited The Gateway club at the corner of Bourbon and Iberville not a hundred yards away from the speakers blasting ‘Living Loving Maid’.

They memorialized their New Orleans experience in “Royal Orleans” on their Presence album.

Ten bucks is a hefty price tag for the diminutive egg po boy at the Big Killer but rent on Dauphine in the heart of the French Quarter is bound to be a king’s ransom.

We step outside just as the young charlatans reappear to corral a tourist on the sidewalk: “I bet I know where you got them shoes”

RL Reeves Jr is eating 500 po boys across Louisiana

Big Killer Po Boys
219 Dauphine St
New Orleans 70112

telephone 504-462-2731

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500 Po Boys is our survey of the po boy scene across Louisiana with a concentration on New Orleans

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