The Myth Of The Holy Trinity

Over the last four years I’ve eaten dozens of bowls of gumbo from the best kitchens across Acadiana.

During this time I’ve learned that the Holy Trinity is not sacrosanct in the 22 parishes that comprise Cajun country.

I found home cooks and professional chefs using all sorts of chile peppers in their trinity (onions, celery and peppers-thought to always be Bell)

Jalapenos, Cubans, Anaheim, and even Hatch chiles are commonly used in Louisiana kitchens when it’s gumbo-making time.

Last week in Austin our cooking team produced a gumbo pop up restaurant at Tamale House East, and gasp, we used Poblano chiles in our trinity.

There were plenty people with tangential ties to Louisiana that found that to be wholly unacceptable.

Bell peppers are sweet peppers in the same genus and species (Capsicum annuum) as the Poblano chile, and while we love them when we went to the market in Austin to buy groceries for our project there was none available.

We shifted to Poblano and never gave it a second thought. Just like dozens of cooks across the state of Louisiana have done since the dawn of time.

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